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William Patteson

Data Science & Analytics

Will Patteson has eight years of experience managing royalty examinations throughout the world on behalf of many accomplished recording artists, songwriters, music publishers, trade organizations, rights societies, and merchandise licensors. He has conducted successful royalty examinations at all of the major record and music publishing companies and has performed numerous music catalog financial due diligence and valuation engagements in connection with sales/purchases, divorces, and estate tax returns.

He is highly experienced in financial modeling and data analysis, with an extensive background in developing scalable data-driven solutions and unveiling the narrative as told by numbers. Will routinely leverages technology to automate, process, and analyze massive datasets that would otherwise exceed the capabilities of standard desktop solutions, and to that end has developed and maintained a suite of proprietary tools to streamline the audit and valuation process. As a lifelong musician, he is passionate about his work supporting artists, songwriters, and the broader music industry.

Will received his B.A. in Economics & Music from Skidmore College in 2010.

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